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Yuuchan is an former member and ex-leader of the Indonesian idol group, Lumina Scarlet.


  • Yuuchan was one of the founding members of Lumina Scarlet along with Nime, Nao and Mui. (One of the original members since January 8th, 2012.)
  • Yuuchan was also the second leader of Lumina Scarlet, (From February 27th, 2017, to August 18th, 2019.) replacing Nime.
  • Yuuchan's image color is blue.
  • Yuuchan's real name is Hanifah Zaini.
  • In late June and early August, 2019, several announcements were made on LuSca's Facebook page that Yuuchan would soon graduate.
  • On August 18th, 2019, Yuuchan graduated from LuSca, making her the last original member to leave the group.


  • 10/26/2014. Scarlet Melody
  • 04/09/2017: Kisah Kreasi
  • 02/14/2019: Kamu Atau Dia