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Founded May 18th, 2016, VocaLife is an idolized utaite group. Each member is assigned a

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certain Vocaloid that they sound like and they cover songs that are sung by that certain Vocaloid. VocaLife is a group with 20+ members, 9 of which are singers. We are still in search of an artist and MMD animator, and we are planning to debut around the end of August.

Members Edit

Miyuki - Hatsune Miku

Kaidarin - Kagamine Rin (Leader)

GUILTY - Kagamine Len

Nero - Megurine Luka

Shin Berkenstel - Shion Kaito

Maranda - Sakine Meiko

Gakudo - Kamui Gakupo

HikariKira (Name undecided) - Gumi Megpoid

Yuumia - IA

Senforza - Trainee

Lani - Trainee + Sub Artist

Jess - Trainee

T-Face - Trainee

Kou - Trainee

Ty - Trainee

Vu - Trainee

Ariana - Trainee

Loki - Trainee + Tumblr Manager

Colten - Main Mixer

MonsterKirby - Sub Mixer + Sub Video Maker

MuseMusicStart - Video Maker

Avon - English Lyricist

*In need of a main artist and MMD animator

Singer + Trainee Pairings Edit

Miyuki - Sen


Nero - Loki

Ace - Vu

Maranda - Kou

Gakudo - Ty

HikariKira - Jess

Yuumia - Lani

Relationships between Members Edit

Yuumia and Kaidarin - Senpai and Kouhai

Yuumia and Jess - Besties

Kaidarin and Nero - Venting Buddies

Kaidarin and Placido - Musume and Otou-san

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