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Thea was a second generation member of net idol group Platinum Happy.

She announced her graduation on June 7th 2017, although still participated in the following release.

Thea (February 2017)

About Thea[]

Name: Thea

Image Color: Light purple

Voice Range: Soprano

Birthday: November 21
Singing, dancing, fashion, art, writing lyrics, audio engineering, cute animals, cute/pretty things in general, make-up, penguins 

Strengths: Optimistic, hardworking, always striving to do my best and support the people I care about, as far as singing goes, my strengths include emotional singing and belting high notes~ 

Favorite Music or Groups: K-pop, J-pop, anime music, and acoustic pop/indie musi

Thea (October 2015)

Personality, in a few words: Bubbly and optimistic, I like to make jokes and puns~

Catchphrase: “Tea is life, tea is love. Won’t you join me for Thea time?”

Song Participation[]

-Holiday Release "Happy Halloween" (Singing Team)

-Second Cover Single "Platinum Ambition"

  • No Girls, No Fun
  • Jump up ~ Chiisana Yuuki ~

-Holiday Release "A Gift for You!":

  • Snow Flower
  • White Light
  • Angel Snow

-Third Mini-Album "PuraLOVE"

  • Elegant Girl
  • Purappi Oshi

-Fourth Mini-Album "Hot Chance"

  • Seisun Inazuma
  • Silly Boy
  • Romantic Now
  • deal

-Fifth Mini-Album "Glitter & Shine"

  • Platinum Disco
  • Saite Jewel

-Sixth Mini-Album "Shiroi Shining"(Graduated)

  • Chou Happy Song
  • Shiawae no Tochuu


Puralove- Back cover

A Gift for You- Back cover

Platinum Ambition- Front and back

Happy Halloween- Cover


  • Nicknamed Thenyan by the other members
  • Dyed her hair blond shortly after joining Purappi.
  • Did the mixing for "Platinum de Somete" despite not being in the track.
  • Her Platinum Happy oshimen is Calla, although she also admires Marin, Tabitha, Willow, and Astrid.
  • She would like Purappi to cover "Very Beauty" by Berryz or "Namida no Iro" by C-ute