Tabitha (February 2017)

Tabitha is a second generation member of the net idol group Platinum Happy.

About Tabitha Edit

Name: Tabitha

Image Color: Periwinkle

Voice Range: Mezzo-soprano

Birthday: December 10

Interests: J-idols/J-pop, dancing (classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, musical theater), musical instruments, singing, crafting, cosplay, fashion, anime, manga, art, manatees

Tabitha (October 2015)

Strengths: Singing mid-tempo songs, ethereal vocal quality

Favorite Music or Groups: J-pop, anime music, AKB48, no3b, Arashi, AAA, Silent Siren, Tommy February/Heavenly, Makino Yui, Kalafina, Houkago Tea Time, µ’s

Personality, in a few words: Socially awkward penguin with a soft, cuddly heart

Catchphrase: “Yksi, kaksi, kolme, BIBI-beat!!! Platinum Happy’s Tabitha is here to brighten your day with the magic of music.”

Song Participation Edit

-Holiday Release "Happy Halloween" (Dance Team)

-Second Cover Single "Platinum Ambition"

  • No Girls, No Fun
  • Jump up ~ Chiisana Yuuki ~

-Holiday Release "A Gift for You!":

  • Snow Flower
  • Angel Snow

-Third Mini-Album "PuraLOVE"

  • Youseitachi no Symphony
  • Purappi Oshi

-Fourth Mini-Album "Hot Chance"

  • Seisun Inazuma
  • Silly Boy
  • Romantic Now
  • deal

-Fifth Mini-Album "Glitter & Shine"

  • Platinum Disco
  • Saite Jewel

-Sixth Mini-Album "Shiroi Shining"

  • Chou Happy Song
  • Shiawase no Tochuu

Artwork Edit

Puralove- Promotional artwork

A Gift for You- Cover

Trivia Edit

  • Nicknamed Tabby, Biichan, and Bibitan by the other members.
  • The first part of her catchphrase is her counting in Finnish.
  • Dances ballet, which she's done since she was a child.
  • While she was born and currently lives in the US, she lived in Japan briefly as a child and went to kindergarten and part of first grade.
  • The song she wants Platinum Happy to cover is AAA's "MUSIC!!!"
  • Did not participate in the "Sweet Witches' Night" Halloween release.