'Upon hearing from me you are being served a very special virtual ice cream and stirfry combo!' and 'Cool-Cool Town!'

- Swyong 2017


Swyong is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a third generation member of Crystal Rose under Team R, her member color is Brown.

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  • Favourite net-idol groups outside of KRP are Oishii! Project and 4te
  • Feels close to Sadako having met her in the auditions for Gen 2. And Mizuki because they seem quite similar sometimes. Would love to get closer to know Jenny, Erein and everyone else in Crystal Rose
  • Would love to do dance and singing performance
  • Her favourite Japanese word is 栞 (Shiori) meaning 'bookmark'
  • Wants to relearn Mandarin Chinese & Japanese, and get better in Togalog to speak it with her family more
  • All her Hello! Project Favourites are either inactive or have graduated
  • Her favourite Team R member ever was Nika
  • Has a strong interest in fortunes of Chinese Zodiac (because they seem to come true for her)
  • Has made personal music videos with liked songs for fun
  • Performed in “Perfume” LEVEL 3 original-blend choreography for “Spending all my Time” and the Third original dance Choreography contest for “Perfect Star Perfect style”. Mentioned in thank you videos, but did not pass to 2nd rounds
  • Wants to have an Ice cream(and cone) to sort of represent her as an iconic symbol
  • Starting a small makeup collection, but doesn't wear make up