“It’s okay to be sad as long as you don’t give up!”

- Setsuna 2017


Setsuna is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a second generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team K, her member color is Bright Orange. She is also the leader of Crystal Rose Germany.

Single Participation Edit

 A-Sides Edit

- Reflective Dreamer (Music Video Only)

B-Sides Edit

- Echo

Live Performances Edit


  • She loves musicals and would like to become a musical performer
  • Her favourite idol outside of KRP is Abipop
  • Super power would be invisibility or teleportation
  • Feels very close to fellow Team K member Mari
  • Would like to get close to Mizuki, Juju and the 3rd Generation
  • Would love to do a KRP live performance on stage
  • Her favourite Japanese word is 頑張って(Ganbatte) meaning 'Good luck' or 'Do your best'
  • She would like to learn Japanese and started learning dutch and fell in love with the language 
  • She is the tallest member in Crystal Rose
  • She mains Sona and Syndra in League of Legends
  • She is the mum of a dog called Anakin and he is her everything
  • She wants to become a musical actor 
  • She travels frequently to see musicals
  • She did judo and jiu jitsu
  • Her birthday is the last day of summer or the first day of fall (depends on the year)
  • She seems to be energetic but is very lazy
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