Sakura Station (Known As Sakura Yume Star) is a new aspiring online-based idol group. They are focused on improving and showcasing our skills, and celebrating the fun of being an online idol!

Sakura Station also functions as an umbrella group to smaller groups, including Sakura Yume Star, Double S, and Sakura's Sun.

Sakura Station Disbanded due to their managers retirment from the group.


Sakura Yume Star- Edit

First Generation Members

Juju [Leader]

Miku [Sub-Leader]


Second Generation Members

Hana (Graduated 27.07.2015)

Third Generation Members


Double S Edit

Jenny [Leader]


Sakura's Sun (Disbanded)Edit

Atsu [Leader]


Sahara (Left 24.03.2015)

Trainees Edit

Arisa (Left on 21.03.2015)

About Edit

Sakura, the manager contacted 4 people to begin a new group called 'Sakura station'

These five members where Fawn, Miku, Juju & Karman. They were then considered as the first Generation of Sakura station.

on 2.11.2014 Joelle also join to give the group extra support.

On 2.11.2014 the all the members colours were announced as well as who would be leaders.

Joelle- Orange Juju- Red Miku- Blue Fawn- Pink Karman- Purple

Joelle was announced leader of the group and Juju was the sub leader.

On 28.11.2014 Joelle announced she will be leaving the group to focus on her own group Hoshine.This making Juju as Leader and Miku as Subleader

On the 2nd of December, Sakura Station open auditions for a new sub-group looking for three members, 'Sakura's Sun'

On the 10th of December Hana join the group but was consider as third generation.

On the 17th December Sakura station release their first single ' I want to be with you'

On 24.12.2014 Karman announced she will be leaving to focus on her own groups.

On 29.12.2014 Sakura station change the groups name to Sakura Yume Star leaving Sakura Station as the company.

On the 30th December, members for Sakura's sun was announced as well as a new duo group.

Sakura's sun: Atsu, Rise, Sahara The new group- Double S: Jenny, Kira Trainee- Arisa

On February 15th Arisa left due to inactivity within the group

On February 20th Sahara, Atsu and Rose was asked to leave due to inactivity

On February 21st Sakura's sun was disbanded but remaining members continued actives within the group

On the 1.03.2015, Sakura Station announced a cover single along with an MV, 'Rainbow X Rainbow'.

Members participating were Juju, Miku, Rise, fawn and Hana. All featured in the MV excluding rise due to health issues

On the 11.03.2015, Sakura Station released the full MV of 'Rainbow X Rainbow' during the week they also released the close up ver and Dance ver.

On the 25.04.2014, Sakura had an interview with the manager of Crystal rose and the members of Crystal rose that were chosen in the senbatsu.

On 24.05.2015, Sakura Yume Star released their first cover single 'Body rock'

On 16.06.2015, a New sub group was announced with Miku and Juju.

On 28.06.2015, Sakura station announced the released date of S!MLEX's first single.

On 8.07.2015,S!MPLEX released their first single, Dance! Tonight.

On 11.07.2015, Sakura station opened audition for 4th generation of Sakura Yume Star.

On 15.07.2015, Sakura station announced the released date of Double S's first single.

On 22.07.2015, Double S released their first single 'Asian Beauty'

Release's/ SinglesEdit

I want To Be With You


  1. I want To Be With You Lyrics MV
  2. I want To Be With You Instrumental Ver

Release Date: 17.12.2014

Featuring: Juju, Miku, Fawn, Hana

Rainbow X Rainbow

  1. Rainbow X Rainbow PV
  2. Rainbow X Rainbow MV
  3. Rainbow X Rainbow Dance Ver.

Release Date: 11.03.2015

Featuring: Juju, Miku, Tammy, Hana, Rise, Arisa, Fawn

  1. Body Rock Cover Release

Release date: 24.05.2015

Featuring: Juju, Miku, Hana, Tammy & Fawn

  1. S!MPLEX - Dance! Tonight! MV
  2. S!MPLEX - Dance! Tonight! Dance Ver.

Release Date:08.07.2015

Featuring: Miku & Juju

  1. Double S - Asian Beauty Lyrics Video

Release Date: 22.07.2015 Featuring: Jenny & Kira

  1. Because of Happiness MV
  2. Because of Happiness Close-up ver.

Release Date: tbc Featuring: tbc

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