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“I have no style, I have no grace, but I’ll put a smile on your face”

Rina is a vlogger, cosplayer, self-taught photographer and net idol in a UK-based idol group, Furi Furi.

About Rina[]

  • Name: Rina
  • Nickname: Suki
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: May 1st
  • Height: 5ft4
  • Hair Colour: Light Brown
  • Eye Colour: Turquoise
  • Member Colour: Mint Green
  • Favourite Animal: Cats and Foxes
  • Favourite Food: Chicken Wings
  • Favourite Music: Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Singer/Songwriter style, Ed Sheeran, Closure in Moscow, RHCP, Kinoko Teikoku.
  • Hobbies: Photography, Video Editing and Video Games.
  • Fashion Style: Lolita, Sailor Style and Nanchatte

Videos, []


LadyBaby - Nippon Manju ニッポン饅頭 - Dance Cover 【itsTarina】

Rina dancing to Nippon Manju


  • Rina is the oldest member of Furi Furi.
  • Also goes by the nickname Suki.
  • She is practically blind without her glasses.
  • Rina uses her extensive knowledge of social networking to manage Furi Furi's online presence.
  • Rina considers LadyBeard from LadyBaby her "spirit animal" and idol inspiration.
  • Rina joined Furi Furi to help gain confidence and get over her stage fright.