Purappi Mini(Also known as Platinum Happy Fan Project) is an upcoming project. It was first announced on the twelfth of January 2018 as a net idol project consisting of one member. The title of the first single has been announced as "Audition", which will feature three covers of Jpop songs.

History Edit

The YouTube channel was born after a girl was unsuccessful in the auditions for Platinum Happy's third generation.

On January 16, 2018, the songs to be included on "Audition" were announced to be covers of "Kimi Wa Melody" by AKB48, "Dokyuu No Go Sign" by Morning Musume, and "Star Train" by Perfume.

On January 17, it was also announced that Purappi Mini would be entering Platinum Happy's Valentines Day Competition.

Trivia Edit

  • Has admitted to editing the Platinum Happy member's pages to add more information.
  • Her Platinum Happy oshimen was Cherry, who has announced her graduation.
  • Her favourite food is jam and onion sandwiches. For some reason. Ew.
  • Is learning Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.
  • Watches Chinese duramas for "educational purposes".
  • Her favourite song is Mozart's 17th piano concerto in G, because she says it "sounds like feathers".
  • Aims to be an elegant lady, but routinely fails.
  • Her official nickname is Hanella, an amalgamation of "Hannah" and "Elisabeth".
  • Says that "Hannah Elisabeth is not a stage name. It is real."
  • Also claims that some girls gave her the nickname of "Paddington" once, and says, "I don't think it was a compliment".
  • Does karaoke really loudly when her parents are out.
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