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“If you’re doing your best, you won’t have any time to worry about failure!”

- Naomi 2017


Naomi is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a First generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team K, Being one of the longest running members in Crystal Rose.She is the Leader of Team K & her member color is Cream.

Single ParticipationEdit

 A-Sides Edit

B-Sides Edit

- Say It! (Unrequited Love II) (Music Video Only)

Live Performances Edit

Crystal Rose UK 1st Live - 2016.07.03

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17 (MCM London Comic Con) - 2016.10.29

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17 (London Anime Gaming Con ~Crystal Rose UK Winter Event~) - 2017.02.04

Say It cover

Say It! Album cover


  • She is the only member of Kira Bubbles before she got into Team K
  • She is the only remaining member from Kira bubble in a Team
  • She placed 11th on Crystal Rose 2nd Senbastu
  • Naomi mentioned she would like to perform the song "Tenshi no Wink"
  • One of the members of the Crystal Rose UK unit.

song for Crystal Rose.

  • Is a fan of horoscope
  • Studying Japanese since 2010 and would like to become fluent
  • Was originally a member of Kira Bubbles! and is the last remaining ex-Kira Bubble in Crystal Rose
  • Is the longest running member of Team K
  • Favourite Japanese food is Yakisoba and Takoyaki
  • Studying Japanese since 2010 and would like to become fluent
  • Her favourite idols outside KRP are Astrid (Platinum Happy, Kanako (Honey Hime) and Helena (Iro Bang!)
  • Feels close to Mizuki because she gets a lot of energy from speaking to her and they both enjoy horoscopes.
  • Would like to get close to everyone in the Crystal Rose UK and Haru and Ali.
  • Considered ex-Teaml Kmember Kali her rival because she was a good singer.
  • Favourite Japanese word is 'bara' meaning 'rose' because the kanji is very beautiful
  • Looks up to Haru.
  • Would like to get to know other net-idols.
  • Wants to perform in a Crystal Rose unit based on cute 80's idols.