“The Magic of Cinema”

- Nanami 2017


Nanami is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a third generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team K, her member color is Dark Blue.

Nanami is also a member of Kirei Tenshi as part of the Argentina unit.

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  • Her favorite net-idols outside of KRP is Kirei Tenshi and their song 'Somos más que dos'
  • She wants to be friends with everyone, but is closest to Juju & Jenny
  • She wants to do a performance where she gets to shine a lot, so she wants to do everything so she can so everyone can shine as bright
  • Her favorite Japanese word is 絆 (Kitsuna) meaning 'bond'
  • She would like to learn Italian, Korean, Catalan, French, German and Chilean
  • She considers herself a language geek
  • She studied music for four years, and used to be able to play piano and flute