Moonlight☾Parade (MoonPare for short) is a net-idol unit, managed by Konori. The mixing is either done by Konori.

It was originally planned to be a six-person net-idol unit, but due to the lack of auditions, we have kept it to be a five-member unit. The debut date will possibly be in December or January.

About Edit

The leader and manager is a part of three other net-idol groups and three choruses. The three net-idol groups being YAMAxYAMA, Peach Prism, and Shining Royalty. The choruses are KuruKuru Chorus, Spectrum7, and Summertime Chorus.

Konori was inspired by the fact that many of her friends are in net-idol groups and/or creating net-idol groups. Therefore leading her to making her own group, despite managing other groups.

The group's theme is a starry theme.

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First Generation:






Releases Edit

  • Senbonzakura / Whiteflame ft Miku Hatsune (December)
  • Alice Human Sacrifice / Yugami-P (December)
  • Bad Apple! / nomico (TBA)
  • Connecting / halyosy (TBA)
  • Blessing / halyosy (TBA)

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