Momoka -nicknamed Momo- is the leader of Cara✩Mel as well as being the leader, she also makes photo & video edits for the group.

Appearance Edit

Momo has long wavy pink hair with blonde tips. She often wears her hair in twintails. She has pale yellow/golden eyes. Shes a 3rd year, shown by her yellow bow. As well as her regular school uniform, she wears white cat socks.

Personality Edit

Momo is described to be sweet and puts others before herself often. However, she always wants to get things done by a certain deadline and can get a little angry when things dont happen when they're supposed to.

Quotes Edit

  • "Nice to meet you, I'm Momoka Nishizono! Most people call me Momo though! I'm in my 3rd year of Soramori High and I'm the leader of the school idol club here! I love cats and sweet things and also making people happy! As for my dislikes... Hm... I guess I don't like super spicy food or the dark... My number one dream is to some day become a well known idol but I don't mind fame, as long as I have fun making music, that's all that matters right?" -Her introduction paragraph.

Trivia Edit

  • Momo's favourite animal is actually a bunny, despite her love for cats.
  • She often calls the group Cara✩Mistake
  • She made a club penguin edit of herself, calling it her "favourite mistake"