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“Nothing is impossible in the world!

- Mizuki 2017


Mizuki is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a second generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team P, her member color is Bubblegum Pink. She is currently the Sub-Manager of Kirakira project.

The character for her name in Kanji are 美月.

 Single Participation Edit

 A-Sides Edit

- Flower Water (Center)

B-Sides Edit

- Echo

Live Performances Edit

Crystal Rose UK 1st Live - 2016.07.03

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17 (MCM London Comic Con) - 2016.10.29

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17(London Anime Gaming Con ~Crystal Rose UK Winter Event~) - 2017.02.04


Reflective Dreamer Cover (Echo members)


  • Mizuki ranked 7th for Crystal Rose's first senbatsu.
  • She ranked 1st for Crystal Rose's Second Senbatsu.
  • Mizuki mentioned she would like to perform with Sahara and Jenny one day.
  • Mizuki considers Jenny as her close friend.
  • Mizuki mentions she is close with Juju, Sahara, Jenny, Dexo, Kaddy, Haru and Nana.
  • She wants Crystal Rose to become known.
  • She would like to get closer to every member.
  • Her favourite Japanese word is 'Kawaii' which means 'Cute'.
  • In the future she would like to learn Chinese (all of the dialects), Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Mongolian, Manchurian and French.
  • Besides Crystal Rose, she says Flusay Girls and Platinum Happy are her favourite net-idol groups.
  • Her performance preference in KRP is to have a sing performance.
  • Her biggest role model is Kris Wu.
  • Is a night owl, usually stays up extremely late.
  • Would like to live in Beijing.
  • Her name in Kanji is 美月.
  • Mizuki is gets along well with Juju.
  • Her best friend is Nicole (not a net-idol).
  • She is a big fan of Sailor moon, she mentions that if she gets a black cat she will name her Luna.
  • She got her stage name by knowing that 'Mizuki' meant 'Moon'.
  • One of the members of the Crystal Rose UK unit, although she was the only member in the unit not based in the UK.
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