Mio is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a third generation member of Crystal Rose under Team P, her member color is Light Purple.

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  • She would like to get to know all the members. Especially the German members since they are the locally closest ones
  • Her favourite Japanese words are 生きがい (Ikigai) meaning 'reason to live', and 川明り(Kawaakari) meaning 'the glow of the river in darkness'
  • The next language she wants to study is Korean. But would like to firstly develop her skills further in Chinese and Japanese
  • Her parents are from Spain and Indonesia 
  • Speaks German, Spanish, English and some French. Is currently studying Chinese and Japanese.
  • Her favourite animals are cows
  • Is known to have an occasionally aloof reaction or shio taio/"salty treatment"
  • Feels a strong connection to the moon ( due to her surname) 
  • Is very hardworking and therefore sometimes a bit stubborn and headstrong