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Picture in Crystal Rose

Mari is second generation member of Crystal Rose under Team K.


Mari (Previously known as Kyoka) is a second generation member of Crystal Rose under Team K and her member colour is Peach.


  • She is under Team K
  • She is one of the only members who knows some one personally in Crystal Rose who is Setsuna
  • Her favourite KRP song is Reflective Dreamer
  • She would like to get close to Mizuki and Nana
  • She would like to improve her singing skills with KRP as well as make new friends.
  • She is very close to Setsuna.
  • Her performance preference in KRP would be a song with ore Japanese lyrics or a live performance with the other members and if they were to live in Germany.
  • Her favourite word is 'Nya'
  • Mari mentions she would like to learn Spanish and Japanese.
  • She once managed to imitate every voice of the 9 Members of Muse(in the Anime "LoveLive") and almost ruined her voice doing so.