Lilac is the sister group to Cea Dragon's they debuted as a 9 member group on December 8th, 2015 following auditions that were held earlier in the year. April was appointed the leader and graduated August 14th, 2017. She appointed Lilly as the 2nd leader and Bailey as the 1st sub leader at her graduation.

News Edit

  • On September 5th Mia officially left the group after being on hiatus for 4 months and having been on medical leave many times through the 3 years.
  • On September 23rd trainees Alisa and Hannah were promoted to members of Lilac.
  • Following an audition for winners into the trainee program Kady was promoted to Lilac on December 20th 2017.
  • On January 15th, 2018 Anna withdrew from Lilac. It was later stated her choice was made because she felt unconfident in he abilities and wished to peruse other things.

Members Edit


Name Joined Role Color Notes
Bailey 12-8-2015 Sub Leader


Lilly 12-8-2015 2nd Leader


Faith 12-8-2015 Pink
Alisa 9-23-2017 Shamrock
Hannah 9-23-2017 Cherry
Kady 12-20-2017 Lavender


Name Joined Left Color Notes
Iris 12-8-2015 7-5-2016 Turquoise *Removed from line up
Zoey 12-8-2015 7-5-2016 Teal *Removed from line up
April 12-8-2015 8-14-2017 Green 1st leader (2015-2017)


Lucy 12-8-2015 8-14-2017 Red *Graduated
Mia 12-8-2015 9-5-2017 Purple *Left after being on hiatus

and various medical leaves.

Anna 12-8-2015 1-15-2018 Yellow *Withdrew from group.