“Thinking together we have a dream, working together we have a future!”

- Juju 2017


Juju is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a second generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team P, her member color is Purple. She is currently the Manager of Kirakira project. She is also the leader of Crystal Rose UK.

Juju is also a member of Flusay girls and Kpop dance group 4or.

Single Participation Edit

 A-Sides Edit

- Reflective Dreamer (Music Video Only)

B-Sides Edit

Live Performances Edit

Crystal Rose UK 1st Live - 2016.07.03

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17 (MCM London Comic Con) - 2016.10.29

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17(London Anime Gaming Con ~Crystal Rose UK Winter Event~) - 2017.02.04


  • She is in more than 2 Net-idol groups
  • Shares the same Birthday as Oda Sakura from Morning Musume as well as former Platinum Happy member, Clover.
  • Haru (Team K) mentioned that Juju would be one of her rivals since she is really good at dancing.
  • Juju's rival would be Erein and Haru, Haru because her voice of her very pretty and Erein because she is an all-round member.
  • Despite not being a senbatsu member for "Reflective Dreamer", she still appeared in the MV to dance.
  • Juju Placed 9th for Crystal Roses second senbatsu.
  • Juju considers Mizuki as her close friend.
  • Juju feels like she is close to Sahara, Erein, Dexo, Jenny and Haru.
  • She would like to get close to everyone.
  • Her ambition in KRP is to improve on her leadership skills as well as vocal. She would like to help every member.
  • She also mentions her dream is to become 'Senpai' to the third generation of KRP.
  • She took Ballet and Tap lesson when she was younger.
  • Juju did not place for Crystal Rose's first senbatsu but still participated as a dancer on the 'Reflective Dreamer' MV
  • One of the members of the Crystal Rose UK unit. 
  • Juju aspires Peruvian idol groups such as Yorokobi! Step, Iro Bang & Jidai.
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