Jess is an cover singer/YouTuber (wannabe) who really loves anime and Japanese cultures. Of course, Jess in just her stage name. Her real name is Chiquita Jesslyn (last name :privacy). She is Indonesian, born in 18th October 2002. She can speak Indonesian, English and a bit of Japanese. She used to be inspired to be a fashion designer/illustrator, of course she is now but that's not her main goal anymore. She's aiming to be a Jpop singer/songwriter in Japan as well as seiyuu (voice actor). She's currently in an international chorus group name Rozu Hanabira Project and an international Idol group name 321Star .

More information about her :
Favorite singer : Aoi Shouta, Miyano Mamoru, Demi Lovato


Hobby : Singing, dancing, drawing, read (novels, manga)

Wish had a talent in : songwriting, fangirling (it's a lot of work)

Dream place : Japan, Los Angeles

Favorite Place : Bed, in her imagination called "The Anime World"

Height : 168 cm (5 ft, 6")

Wish she has : her parents permission to buy Aoi Shouta's and PENTATONIX's CDs

Best friend : her phone

YouTube channel : Jess' Little Room