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Jenny is a first generation member of Crystal Rose under Team R.


Jenny joined Crystal Rose as a 1st generation member in 2013 and made her debut with Crystal Rose's 2nd single Lyricist (Team R). She is the captain of Team R and her member colour is Fuschia and Red (UK Unit). As of April 2017 she has released 3 solo singles, with plans to release more. Jenny has a YouTube channel (JennyInTokyo) with 650+ subscribers (as of October 2017) where she posts singing covers, original music and idol videos.


Crystal Rose

  • Lyricist (Team R)
  • Win This War (Team R)
  • Flower Water (#2 in Senbatsu)


  • J-E-N-N-Y
  • Paper Houses
  • Fallen Rose
  • London to Tokyo (Set for June 2018 release)


  • She is the captain and sole 1st generation member of Team R
  • Her dream is to be a stage actress
  • She was in a stage production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth in May 2016; playing the role of one of the three witches
  • She has released her own original singles
  • She Placed 2nd for Crystal Rose 2nd Senbatsu
  • One of the members of the Crystal Rose UK unit.
  • She made her first performance in the Crystal Rose UK Unit in July 2016 at London Anime and Gaming Con. This was also where she performed her solo single Paper Houses for the first time.
  • She was in a stage production of Amanda Whittington's Ladies Day in November 2016; playing the role of Linda
  • She has written all of her solo singles
  • London to Tokyo is her first solo single where she has self-produced it
  • She was in a stage production of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in May 2018; playing the role of the singer Baltashar.
  • Jenny is to make her solo performance debut at London Anime and Gaming Con in July 2018.