Jazi (December 2016)

Jazi is a first generation member and co-leader of Aikan.

Information Edit

Role: Co-Leader

Image Color: Bright Pink

Birthday: October 6th

Hobbies: Dance, singing, sewing, fashion, designing outfits/costumes, film, and cooking

Subunits: JK², SXY Amour, Dulcet

Message: "Hey, I’m Jazi, one of Aikan’s leaders! I really love performing and costumes! I love fashion and my favorite color combination is pink and black. Uh…I also really like cat ears (I have over 10 pairs and I keep buying them). I love idols and I’m very excited to share my idol love with everyone!"

Song Participation Edit

最低で最高のParadiso (Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso) [center]

Kamisama no Birthday

Chocolate Disco

Trivia Edit

-In group cosplay videos, Jazi usually cosplays Eli Ayase (Love Live!), Mari Ohara (Love Live! Sunshine!!), and Haruka Amami (Idolm@ster). Some of her other idol cosplays include Miki Hoshii, Luka Megurine, and Kirari Moroboshi.

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