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  • Welcome to Amaitsuki, a 23-piece French J-pop idol cover group!Go to Amaitsuki
  • A french project of girlbands. We make our own music and hope to become professionals.Go to CHiC!
  • Go to Crystal Rose
  • Welcome to the new age of Cyberspace idols/ArtistsGo to Flusay Girls
  • Furi Furi is a 5 piece, all-girl idol group based in the UK.Go to Furi Furi
  • An Italian idol group that really wants to spread Japanese idol culture through Italy!Go to Honey★Hime
  • Even though we are scattered around the world, our hearts and thoughts are connected.Go to Lollipop Project
  • We are LuSca~ Idol Group from Indonesia
  • We are focused on improving our skills and celebrating the fun of being an online idol!Go to Platinum Happy
  • Go to The Wish Sisters
  • Aikan (アイ感) is a US-based net idol group that mainly covers songs and dances!Go to アイ感 (Aikan)
  • We are Risou no Idol, the world-wide net idol group that celebrates idols from all generations!Go to Risou no Idol
  • Cherish is an upcoming solo net idol to debut late 2020Go to Cherish

"Net-idol" (ネットアイドル Netto aidoru) is a Japanese term that is someone who achieves celebrity status through the internet.

Inspired by idols in Japan, gaijin net-idols perform songs and dances for an audience online rather than on-stage.

Some net-idols aspire to become popular idols in Japan, creating a presence online to gain popularity (much like Beckii Cruel, who became popular in Japan after being discovered on YouTube), while others simply perform online as a fun hobby.

Net-idols would usually perform dance/vocal covers of popular J-pop songs, but as of late, some idol groups have been creating their own original songs and music videos.

List of International Net Idol Groups and Local Idol Groups Edit

Aikan (アイ感)

A la Melody



Battle no Jidai


Crystal Rose (KRP28) / KRP Official Wikia

Flusay Girls


Ice Qream


Morning Sunrise

Nebula Kiss!

Parfait Party


Platinum Happy

Purappi Mini

Seishun Youth Academy

Shiny Tropics


Disbanded Groups






Furi Furi

Lollipop Project

Mahou Showtime

Oishii! Project

Pinku! Project

Rainbow Bubble

Sakura Station



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