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  • A french project of girlbands. We make our own music and hope to become professionals.Go to CHiC!
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  • Aikan (アイ感) is a US-based net idol group that mainly covers songs and dances!Go to アイ感 (Aikan)
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"Net-idol" (ネットアイドル Netto aidoru) is a Japanese term that is someone who achieves celebrity status through the internet.

Inspired by idols in Japan, gaijin net-idols perform songs and dances for an audience online rather than on-stage.

Some net-idols aspire to become popular idols in Japan, creating a presence online to gain popularity (much like Beckii Cruel, who became popular in Japan after being discovered on YouTube), while others simply perform online as a fun hobby.

Net-idols would usually perform dance/vocal covers of popular J-pop songs, but as of late, some idol groups have been creating their own original songs and music videos.

List of International Net-Idol Groups and Local Idol Groups Edit


Aikan (アイ感)


Battle no Jidai


Crystal Rose (KRP28) / KRP Official Wikia


Flusay Girls

Furi Furi


Ice Qream



Nebula Kiss!

Platinum Happy

Purappi Mini


Risou no Idol





Disbanded Groups


Lollipop Project

Mahou Showtime

Sakura Station