“Stay kawaii!”

- Holly 2017


Holly is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a second generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team K, her member color is Lime-Green. She is currently the sub-leader of Team K. She is also the sub-leader of Crystal Rose UK Unit.

Holly is also a member of Flusay girls.

Single Participation Edit

A-Sides Edit

[Flower Water]

B-Sides Edit

[Echo] (Harmonies)

Live Performances Edit

Crystal Rose UK 1st Live (London Anime Con) - 2016.07.03

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17 (MCM London Comic Con) - 2016.10.29

Crystal Rose UK Tour 2016/17(London Anime Gaming Con ~Crystal Rose UK Winter Event~) - 2017.02.04

Manchester Anime Con 2017 - 2017.04.08 (Upcoming, More information to be updated)


  • Her favourite word in Japanese is 'Gambatte' which means 'Good Luck'
  • Holly is also in the dance group Jelly Heroine under Flusay Girls
  • Holly joined Flusay Girls at the same time as Dexo
  • Holly won Flusay Girls All Star at the same time as Yaima
  • One of her favourite idols is Kelsey Ellison
  • Her ambition in KRP is to just do what I enjoy most song and dance while having fun and hopefully attract more people.
  • She would like to get close to Jenny, Kaddy, Mizuki and Juju.
  • Holly's performance preference is to sing and dance at the same time
  • Languages Holly would like to learn are Japanese and Chinese.
  • She self taught herself how to walk on her hands.
  • One of the members of the Crystal Rose UK unit.