Haru was First generation member of Crystal Rose under Team K

Haru k

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She graduated from Crystal Rose and Kira Kira Project 4th October 2016.


Haru is first generation member of Crystal Rose under Team K and her member is Deep red. She is currently one of the longest running members.

She is also a translator for Flusay Girls And Crystal Rose, she translates from English to Spanish.


  • Haru's debut single was "Unrequited Love", She was the centre of the song.
Team K

Cover for Unrequited Love

  • Say It! (Team K)
Say It cover

Say It! Album cover

  • Reflective Dreamer (She placed 4th in the Senbatsu)
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Reflective Dreamer Cover


  • She is a Spanish translator making her fluent in Spanish
  • She is the longest member in Team K
  • She considers Juju as her rival as she is good at dancing
  • Juju Also mentioned the Haru is her rival since she has a pretty voice
  • She placed 4th for the first senbastu for Crystal Rose
  • Her favourite song in KRP is Echo
  • Her favourite idols outside KRP are: Alice, Thea and Tabitha (Platinum Happy), Melodie (Amaitsukiland) and Chii (4TE)
  • Her ambition under KRP is to improve all her skills and overcome her shyness.
  • Her close friend is Katana Niara (Kira Kira Project Manager)
  • She Feels close to Mizuki, Juju and Hira.
  • The languages she would like to learn are French, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Irish.
  • Haru's performance preference is to one that can really transmit emotion and reach people's hearts.
  • She would like to get close to Sadako, Dexo, Kika & Kaddy. She also want to get close to Setsuna and Reiko (Ryoka) which she calls the Kawaii Duo From Germany.
  • Haru mentions that she can pull all-Nighters, her record is 3 days straight without sleep. (The main cause is because of University work as well as exams) She doesn't want children to try this since during the afternoons she finds everything funny and feels thing light and fluffy.
  • Haru's favourite Japanese word is 'Yūgen' which means 'Deep', 'Mysterious' or 'Dim' and another word would be 'Eien' which means 'Forever' or 'Always'
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