Fuchsia is a new and upcoming solo net idol. Xe is not in any groups, but plans to make one in the future.


Fuchsia is an 18 year old from Midwest United States. Fuchsia's real name is Lexis, but prefers Fuchsia. Xe has an "alter ego" called Chocolate Stocking. Xe plays the ukulele.

As an aspiring artist, xe is working on a comic called Mahou Fuchsia.

Trivia Edit

Fuchsia is one of a few genderqueer net idols.

Fuchsia does not like the color fuchsia. It was a name that grew to her due to a random username generator (FuchsiaMuffin).

Chocolate Stocking will be more like a singing alter ego, like how Roman Zolanski is an alter ego to Nicki Minaj.

Links and Social Media Edit


@fuchsiatheelfie - instagram