Eve is a first generation member from a net-idol group, Platinum Happy.


Eve (February 2017)

About EveEdit

Name: Eve

Image Color: Gold

Voice Range: Mezzo-soprano

Birthday: July 24

Interests: Listening to music, art, translating

Eve (November 2015)

Strengths: Patience, being reasonable

Favorite Music or Groups: Idoling!!!, BiSH, Gesu no Kiwami Otome, 48 Groups, Bellring Shoujo Heart, Kalafina, Sound Horizon

Personality, in a few words: Passionate and quiet

Catchphrase: ”Hey, please look at the real me! I want to meet you! Platinum Happy’s Eve!”

Song Participation Edit

-First Single "Make it Platinum!"

  • Make it!
  • Platinum

-Holiday Release "Noel no Yoru"

-Holiday Release "Oshogatsu"

-First Mini-Album "Happy Hearts"

  • Yarakai Heart
  • Love Like Candy Floss
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Eve (December 2014)

-Second Mini-Album "Cherry Blossom Season"

  • Sakura Chirari
  • Sakura

-First Original Single "Platinumで染めて!/Paint it Platinum!":

  • Platinumで染めて!
  • Paint it Platinum!

-Holiday Release "Happy Halloween" (Singing Team)

-Second Cover Single "Platinum Ambition"

  • Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan
  • Jump up ~ Chiisana Yuuki ~

-Holiday Release "A Gift for You!":

  • Snow Flower
  • White Light

-Third Mini-Album "PuraLOVE"

  • Elegant Girl
  • Purappi Oshi

-Purasinging "Dear Mr. Socrates" (Solo)

-Fourth Mini-Album "Hot Chance"

  • Seisun Inazuma
  • Silly Boy
  • Romantic Now
  • deal

-Fifth Mini-Album "Glitter & Shine"

  • Platinum Disco
  • Gomen ne Jewel

-Sixth Mini-Album "Shiroi Shining"

  • Chou Happy Song
  • Because Happiness

-Holiday Release "Sweet Witches' Night ~Hachininme wa Daare~" (Singing Team)

Artwork Edit

Cherry Blossom Season- Back

Happy Hearts- Front and back

Oshogatsu- Cover

Noel no Yoru- Cover

Make it Platinum- Back

Trivia Edit

  • Nicknamed "Iibuu" by the other members.
  • She is from Brazil, making her the only generation one member not from the U.S.
  • Makes up the unit "Golden Apple" with Maple.
  • Her catchphrase comes from the Idoling!!! song "Eve"
  • She is Calla's Purappi oshimen.
    • Eve, in return, has called Calla and also Maple her Purappi oshimen.
  • Participated in the "Make It!" dance cover as well as the "Chou Happy Song" pv.
  • Other than her official catchphrase, she also uses "Let's Evening" as a catchphrase to sign off in her blogs.
  • During one of the first anniversary streams, it was revealed that she wrote the lyrics to the group's first original single, "Platinumで染めて!/Paint it Platinum!" under the pseudonym "Palindrome"
    • It's worth noting that a palindrome is a word that can be spelled the same backwards or forwards, just like the word "eve."
  • Part of the unofficial subunit "Team Nomimono" With Calla and Maple.
  • Co-hosts PuraRadio along with Calla.
  • Eve and Calla have done the most artwork for Purappi.