'Fonce!' (Do it now! /Dash !)

- Erina 2017


Erina is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a third generation member of Crystal Rose under Team P. She is the only member who re-auditioned and passed.

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  • Debuted as a 1st Generation member and graduated in 2014, then re-joined the group in 2017
  • Her favourite net-idols outside of KRP are Pernelle, Moony, and Kelsey
  • She feels really close to the first generation members because they started together and she's really pleased to be back with them
  • She's not the kind of person who like being under the spotlight, she'd like to help making goodies or special albums for the group
  • Her favourite Japanese word is 頑張ろう (Ganbarou) meaning 'Let's do our best'
  • She'd like to learn Breton, Irish, Dutch and Chinese
  • She's really proud of her Breton heritage and wishes to understand the culture more and more. And she's getting more and more interested in folk metal and animated movie's soundtracks.