“Time is Gold!”

- Erein 2017


Erein is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a first generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team P, her member color is Cyan.

she is one of the longest running members in Team P and Sub-leader of Team P

Singles ParticipationEdit

A-Sides Edit

- Closer

- Unrequited Love II (Background Vocals)

- Reflective Dreamer

B-Sides Edit

Others Edit

- The Rise (ft. Pernelle Gelsi)
A1044563601 16

Reflective Dreamer Cover


  • Erein ranked 3rd in Crystal Rose's First Senbatsu
  • Erein Ranked 6th on Crystal Rose's Second Senbatsu
  • Erein considers Sahara and Haru her rivals.
  • Her favorite idol group is Morning Musume
  • She is a fan of BTS
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