Daisy was a second generation member of the net idol group Platinum Happy.

On May 17th 2016 she announced her graduation from the group and graduated later in the month on May 31st. In early 2017, she retired from all online activities.


Daisy (October 2015)

About Daisy Edit

Name: Daisy

Image Color: Yellow

Voice Range: Mezzo-soprano

Birthday: November 15

Interests: Art, guitar, singing, dancing, slice-of-life anime, cosplaying, tasty food, groovy music

Strengths: Singing, dancing, designing costumes

Favorite Music or Groups: Energetic pop, smooth jazz, Idolm@ster, Love Live, K-On, Momoiro Clover Z, Berryz Koubou, Buono!

Personality, in a few words: Quite shy at first, but determined and passionate

Catchphrase: “I’m Platinum Happy’s Second Generation member, darling Daisy, here to bring you all a sweet smile.“ 

Song Participation Edit

-Holiday Release "Happy Halloween" (Dance Team)

-Second Cover Single "Platinum Ambition"

  • No Girls, No Fun
  • Jump up ~ Chiisana Yuuki ~

-Holiday Release "A Gift for You!"

  • Angel Snow

-Third Mini-Album "PuraLOVE"

  • Happy Maker
  • Purappi Oshi

Trivia Edit

  • Nicknamed Hinarin by the other members
  • Had done some solo net idol work before auditioning for Platinum Happy. Calla followed her solo activities during this time.
  • The song she would like Purappi to cover is "Kore Kara no SOMEDAY" from the anime Love Live.
  • Like Mia, she's British, making her one of the few Purappi members located outside of the US.
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