“If I fall, just watch me get back up and run”


Beth in dolly-styled makeup done by Alice, another member of Wish Sisters.

Bethany, Beth for short, is a J-pop dancer, cosplayer and net-idol.

Beth was a first generation member of The Wish Sisters, a J-pop idol group based in England.

After Wish Sisters went on hiatus, Beth joined Furi Furi.

About Beth Edit

Beth Furi Furi

Beth in Furi Furi

Name: Bethany

Nickname: Beth

Age: 19

Birthday: May 5th

Height: 5ft4

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Member Colour: Red

Favourite Animal: Cats and Tortoises

Favourite Food: Any dish with duck

Favourite Music: BiS, Pink Babies, Q'ulle, colorpointe, I LoVU, SHISHAMO

Hobbies: Playing with my pets, Reading, Writing and Acting

Fashion Style: A bit of everything, what I wear everyday seems to depend on my mood


  • Beth owns a dog and two cats.
  • While in The Wish Sisters, her image color was light blue.