Atsu is a member of a net-idol group, Sakura Station, She is a former generation of net-idol group Crystal Rose and she was under team R. She debuted under team R in 'Lyricist' and left after this single. Atsu is also a first generation member of Shining Royalty.

About AtsuEdit

Birthday: February 24, 1990

In Sakura Station

Member Colour: Aqua

Member Since: January 2015

In Niji Jidai

Position: Leader

Member color: Hot Pink

Member Since: ...

In Shining Royalty

Member Color: Orange

Member Since: August 2015


  • Atsu is legally deaf in one ear.
  • Plays the trumpet and flute, as well as a few other instruments
  • Fans are referred to as “peppers”
  • Enjoys jfashion and cosplaying
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Lyricist Album cover (Atsu in Orange)

  • She was under team R whilst in Crystal Rose
  • Catchphrases “Atsu-I kokoro” (spicy heart) and “Stay spicy!”