April Ame is an ongoing net idol competition hosted by SORA★STAR. It is a 3-round elimination style vocal tournament created for net idols. It is currently in the entry phase: the deadline for entries is April 3rd, 2016. The scoring is determined by a 50/50 combination of judging and viewer voting. All members of SORA★STAR are participating with the exception of Akira, who is scheduled to graduate April 2016 and is serving as one of the judges of the tournament. Kaida and Teak Hive also had to drop out for various personal reasons.

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Participants Edit

The competition originally had a total of 15 contestants:

Contestant Status Group(s)
Ashley Eliminated 1st round N/A
Teak Hive Dropped Out SORA★STAR
Rowan Dropped Out N/A
Maiko Eliminated 1st round SORA★STAR
Kaida Dropped Out SORA★STAR
Nikkori Shizimaki N/A
Yumizu Sutoorii Dropped Out N/A
Nana Dropped Out Crystal Rose
Jenny Hayes Eliminated 1st round Crystal Rose
Kirara Dropped Out N/A
Minami Akari Disqualified (MIA) AME48, Ten48, Epic Kiss, Jpop Trio, Prism Galaxy
Faith Cobb Eliminated 1st round N/A
Ryoko N/A

The competition is being judged by both Juju and Akira.

Primary Round (Round 1) Edit


Bracket as of the Primary Round eliminations

The primary round performances can be found here: groups and scores as of the Primary Round are as follows:

Group Participant Viewer Votes Akira's Score Total Score
1 Annie 14.5 16 30.5
1 Faith Cobb 5.5 13 18.5
2 Nikkori Shizimaki N/A 20 20 (wins by default)
3 Ashley 10 13 23
3 Opaleen 10 19 29
4 Jenny Hayes 2 17 19
4 Maiko 2.5 16 18.5
4 Ryoko 15.5 9.5 34.5

The results video can be found here:

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Primary Round Performances:

Primary Round Results Video:

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