Tony is an aspiring idol who primarily works via managing net idol groups, choruses, and dancing. He is located in Illinois, USA and when he grows up wants to be a veterinarian technician and fashion designer. He also plans on moving to Japan when he gets older. He loves rock and screamo music a lot but appreciates all sorts of music as a whole.

About AnthonyEdit

Name: Anthony Higgs goes and responds to Tony

Japanese Name: Tomoe Takashi (友惠 高師)

Nicknames: TONTONWEIWEI, Tony(preferred), Tonkatsu, TonTon, Dia

Stage Name: Tonkatsu

Height: 5'9/5'10

DOB: October 12, 2001

Idol Theme Song: Hirai/Hitori/Kirari - STAR ANIS

Catchphrase: "It's joke!" "A smile a day keeps the sadness away!"

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Favorite Food: Desserts and Cheeses

Favorite Drink: Tea

Favorite Idols/Idol Groups/Singers: Fundanjuku, Love La Doll, Aqours, Buono!, LiSA, White Milk, Muse, KARA, Morning Musume, C-ute, Wish Sisters, HimeProject, Platinum Happy, Crystal Rose, SHEawase.

Lucky Number: 16

Net Idol GroupsEdit

Aidolize!: 2015-present

Position: Leader, Founder, Manager.

Member Color: Orange

Debut Song: Aidoru Katsudo

FL!GHT: 2016-2016 (Disbanded)

Position: Founder, Manager.

Shining Royalty: 2015-2015 (Disbanded)

Position: Founder, producer, manager, lyricist, background vocalist

Member Color: Cream

USA50 Project: 2016-present

Position: Trainee of Central Unit

Member Color: Lime Green

Non Net Idol Groups Edit

Sweet PaniQ Chorus: 2016-2016 (Made for Chorus Battle purposes only. Disbanded after loss in Musesical Trio Festival)

Position: Founder, manager, and script.

LUV48: 2016-present (Not yet debuted)

Position: Trainee/Danshi LUV


  • Does wear glasses and is near sighted.
  • Anthony has been labeled as Dandere by Cami and Konori.
  • His nickname Tonton, a parody off of Ponpon from PONPONPON was given to him by Konori.
  • Tonkatsu, a food, is another nickname of his and given to him by Cami.
  • Uses the catchphrase, "It's joke." like Mari Ohara from Love Live Sunshine.
  • His friends Konori and Cami are big inspirations for him.