'Keep calm and melon on it's your friend Ali of Team P here to spread love and gorilla awareness!”

- Ali 2017


Ali is a Jpop Net-idol under Kirakira Project. She is a first generation a member of Crystal Rose under Team P, her member color is Green. She is currently the leader of Team P.

Single ParticipationEdit

 A-Sides Edit

- Closer

B-Sides Edit

- Impress

- Say It! (Harmonies)

Other Edit

- The Rise!


  • Ali would like to perform with Sahara and Nana, the Song would be Romance Tochuu by Juice=Juice
  • Ali placed 13th for Crystal Rose second senbatsu
  • She participated in Crystal Rose's surprise Single, 'The Rise'.
  • Ali's favourite song in KRP is 'Echo'
  • She would like to get close to all the KRP members
  • Ali's performance preference would be entertaining performance like Team Syachihoko has.
  • Ali's favourite Japanese word is 'Meron' which mean 'Melon'
  • She used to do Ballet lessons
  • As an animal would be a penguin
  • Super power would be teleportation
  • Ali's favourite Net-idol group is Pinku project
  • Her ambition within KRP is to perform live with all the members.
  • A language she would like to learn is Korean.
  • Juju mentions that Dexo is a very good and energetic dancer.
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