Basic Information Edit

Alexis Maria Clearburrow is a member of the net-idol groups, Moonlight☾Parade.

She's Canadian, living in the province of Nova Scotia. Alexis goes by several names online, such as Sparkle, Tart, or Kaoru. She has a strong interest in anime, manga, roleplaying, roleplaying games, and the performing arts. She has had lead roles in three musicals, and a minor role in a fourth. She plays clarinet for both her school and cadet band.

An aspiring voice actress, Alexis has voiced Jade Harley, Nepeta Leijon and Terezi Pyrope in a Homestuck Comic Dub

As of November 18th she has been removed from Shining Royalty and she will not appear in their debut single.

Idol Groups Edit

Moonlight☾Parade: 2015 - present

Stagename: Kaoru Fujimaki

Member Color: Green

Member Number: Fourth

Debut Song: Senbonzakura (Whiteflame ft Hatsune Miku)

Solo Debut: Sakura Kiss (Chieco Kawabe)

Fun Facts Edit

- Alexis is one of few idols to have brown as her color (Shining Royalty persona)

- Alexis used to be in two other idol groups as the purple member, Alice Tsukimiya, managed by Konori, but when those groups disbanded, Alexis lost her role as Alice

- Alexis is a major tsundere

- Alexis is usually the only Canadian in the groups

- Alexis is the youngest of her groups