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アイ感 (Aikan) is a US-based net idol group that releases original music as well as covering J-pop and K-pop songs and dances. They are centered in Utah, with three active members total. They also occasionally perform dances in cosplay.

The co-leaders made their debut December 1st, 2016. The full first generation debuted December 13th, 2016.

Aikan took a small hiatus with smaller individual and sub-unit releases until they returned with a trio original release on October 25th, 2018.




Group Releases[]

  • [2016.12.01] Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso (最低で最高のParadiso)
    • Participating Members: JK² [Jazi (center), Akaya, K/C]
  • [2016.12.13] Kamisama no Birthday
    • Participating Members: Sky (center), Quinn, Mae, Akaya, Heather, Danielle, K/C, Kaitkat, Jazi
  • [2017.02.02] - [2017.02.14] Doki Doki I Love You!! [Series]
    • Participating Members: Akaya, Jazi, K/C, Sky, Heather
    • Videos: Chocolate Disco [K/C (center), Sky, Jazi], Nawatobi [Heather], おちゃめ機能 (Mischievous Function) [Akaya], Suki Kirai (Dance-Only) [Sky, Heather]
  • [2017.06.25] Exquisite
    • Participating Members: Dulcet [Akaya and Jazi]
    • Tracks: Exquisite, Mermaid Festa Vol. 2
  • [2018.04.27] Our Heart's Chemistry (Original)
    • Participating Members: Dulcet [Akaya and Jazi]
    • Tracks: Our Heart's Chemistry, The One I Loved
  • [2018.08.31] Summer Sun (Original)
    • Participating Members: Dulcet [Akaya and Jazi]
  • [2018.08.31] Make You Wanna Die (Original)
    • Participating Members: Sky (Center), Akaya, Jazi
    • Tracks: Make You Wanna Die, Pretty Face
  • [2018.12.24] Twinkle
    • Participating Members: Akaya (Center), Jazi, Sky
  • [2019.02.14] Heartbeat (Original)
    • Participating Members: Jazi (Center), Akaya, Sky
    • Tracks: Heartbeat, Icicle Breath


  • Dulcet [Jazi and Akaya]
  • Pastel Roulette (パスルー) [Sky and Akaya]

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