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μffins is a idol group formed by three girls, Kayla, Jamie, and Lexi. Shortly after, three new members joined, Steph, Denis, and Steph #2. Each of the members represent a μ's girl, vocaloid, and have their own idol oc's.

Lexi: μ's- Umi Vocaloid- OC- Yuki

Kayla: μ's- Nozomi Vocaloid- Gumi OC- HItomi

Jamie: μ's- Eli Vocaloid- Rin OC- Mikizi

Steph: μ's- Honoka Vocaloid- OC- Suzubaki

Denis: μ's- Rin Vocaloid- OC- Misaki

Steph: μ's- Kotori Vocaloid- OC- Anya

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So far we've released two covers, and are planning to make many more!

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Cover of Snow Halation-

Cover of Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai-

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μffins has a website and Instagram page.

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